>   >   >   >  1997 Vol.25 no.2 (199-211)
Issue Vol.25 no.2 (199-211)
Title Placebo-controlled double-blind study of recombinant growth hormone for adult patients with growth hormone deficiency
Author M.Irie,et al.

 A double−blind,Placebo−controlled,crossover study of the effect of recombinant growth(GH) treatment for 8 months was carried out in 42 adults with GH deficiency(GHD). Patients were divided into two groups. Group I(22patients)under went 4 months of treatment with GH followed by 4 months of treatment with placebo;wheres group(20 patients)underwent 4 months of treatment with placebo followed by 4 months of treatment with GH, GH was given at a dose of 0.125 IU/kg/week for 1 month followed by 0.25IU/kg/week for 3 months. GH increased lean body mass, extra−and intracellular water and serum levels of insulin−like growth factor I, osteocalcin, procollagen III peptide and total and free tri-iodothyronine,and deerease body fat and serum levels of total cholesterol, and low density lipoprotein cholesterol free thyroxine and thyroidstimulating hormone. Adverse events associated treatment included oedema(seven patients) and finger stiffness(three patients),but each was tolerated with the exception of one patient with oedema who had to discontinue GH treatment. These findings are in accord with those of most previous reports and indicate that GH replacement therapy is beneficial in adult patients with GHD.