>   >   >   >  1994 Vol.22 no.2(221-229)
Issue Vol.22 no.2 (221-229)
Title Pharmacokinetic interaction between ampiroxicam and antiacid
Author A.Suzuki et al.

 This study was designed to delineate the effect of antiacid on the pharmacokinetics of ampiroxicam. Two groups of volunteers received, in crossover design, a single oral dose of 27 mg of ampiroxicam with and without aluminium hydroxide gel which was conducted over two different phases. The results indicated that the C(max) following administration of ampiroxicam are significantly decreased (10.5%, p<0.05) in with aluminium hydroxide gel phase than without phase. This appears, however, not to be clinically important. Other pharmacokinetics, such as T(max), Tone-half, AUC were not significantly different between two phases. The foregoing results suggest that the co- administration of aluminium hydroxide gel with ampiroxicam had no effect to the bioavailability of ampiroxicam. Neither adverse reactions nor laboratory abnormalities were noted during the present study.