Visceral Fat-reducing Effect of Continuous Coffee Beverage Consumption in Obese Subjects

Objectives@Coffee contains several polyphenols, the majority of which are chlorogenic acids. Several components of the polyphenols have been shown to have the visceral fat-reducing effects. In this study, we evaluated the effect of the continuous consumption of coffee on body fat, particularly abdominal visceral fat.
Methods@A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled intervention study was conducted on Japanese adults with a BMI of 25 toƒ30 kg/m2 and an abdominal visceral fat area of 80 toƒ170 cm2. During 12 weeks of the test beverage ingestion period, the subjects ingested either active or placebo beverageichlorogenic acids contents per 185 g coffeeF297 mg for active, 2 mg for placebojdaily.
Results@A total of 125 participants who met the inclusion criteria at the screeningiconducted at week|4jwere allocated to either of the two beverage groups. Data were analyzed using per-protocol analysis set of 109 subjectsiactive groupGn53, placebo groupGn56j. After 12 weeks of beverage consumption, changes from week-0 valuesiactive vs. placebo, mean}standard errorjin visceral fat areai|4.4}2.1 vs. 3.6}2.3 cm2j, waist circumferencei|1.8}0.2 vs. 0.0}0.2 cmj, and BMIi|0.6}0.1 vs. |0.1}0.1 kg/m2jwere greater in the active group than in the placebo group. No serious adverse events or clinically relevant abnormal changes in the blood and urine parameters were observed with both groups.
Conclusions@These findings suggested that continuous consumption of coffee chlorogenic acids safely reduces body fat, particularly the abdominal fat including visceral fat.